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After around three months in Colombia, I’m back in Europe and enjoying the historical city of Lisbon in Portugal. Overall, staying in Medellin was productive and I managed to stick to a routine, working from various cafes as well as joining the co-working space to churn out some words.

We got another novel published through the Dark Paradigm imprint, as well as two short stories. I’m also coming to the end of another novel in the Dark Paradigm series, so it’s been a fairly good first quarter for producing content.

Being productive is a constant battle for me and there have been some lessons learned. I am pretty slow when it comes to writing and am easily distracted. There are plenty of techniques and strategies when it comes to productivity and I am working on increasing the daily word count. However, travelling and writing, while it sounds idyllic actually are often at odds with each other.

Writing requires consistent routine, and for me at least, certain rituals and sometimes a big block of time in which to reflect and mull over the options of whatever I’m writing. Fiction especially requires me to think through scenarios┬ácarefully while considering the implications of a character’s decision or a complex plot. For this to happen I find I really need the right environment to work in. Busy cafes or workspaces sometimes don’t cut it and although I have been known to plug into the music and work in some really distracting environments, they’re not ideal. So, to that end, it can be hard to find the right spot when on the road but not impossible.

While I consider my next move, location wise, and look at options, for now wherever I lay my laptop, that’s my home.

Jerry Holliday