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I have a major set back this week with my PC hard Drive dying on me (blue screen of death) which put me seriously out of kilter what with my work and everything else going on. My 8 year old laptop wasn’t really up to the task of being a serious plan B contender by any stretch of the imagination..think: 10 minutes for word document to open.

Of course I had back up!..(only recently though, after I decided burning CDs on random occasions wasn’t really good enough :-0 )

But even with BU you never always get everything back..all those bookmarks that aren’t saved (I organise them into folders – loads of resources down the tubes)..and all those little files you throw on the desktop.


all the remembered passwords are gone so you have to scramble around 10 zillion sites submitting the ‘forgotten your password’ button! I had started using Roboform which came highly recommended, but my PC was playing up so I re-installed it before the crash.

Not too mention all those emails gone! I had used outlook express (never again!) which the engineer could not retrieve anything from because the back up files couldn’t be found..

So just take heed, you could lose a lot of stuff in the blink of an eye – sure back up your files (I use seagate – not recommended) but don’t forget all the little things!

Anyway back on track with a new HD…but take heed kids.

Jerry Holliday