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Plottr is downloadable software for outlining and it is mainly targeted towards fiction writers. It allows you to create a comprehensive view of your story (plots, subplots, characters, and chapters) so you have a clear direction when writing.

But, is this software truly worth buying, and is it as useful as we’re made to believe? Keep reading this 2022 Plottr review for authors to find out!

What Is Plottr?

The Plottr downloadable software is convenient for fiction writers for many reasons, mainly because:

●      It’s downloadable and compatible with Windows and Mac

●      You can write your outline in Plottr, download it, and use it while writing

●      It’s specialized for writers because it revolves around plot creation and writing

Plottr Features and Price

So, should you buy Plottr? Let’s review what Plottr for authors does and how much it costs:

What Are Plottr’s Main Features?

●      Clean simple design; easy to use. The software will give you a guided tour to demonstrate proper use, which you should take advantage of if you want to spare time and be more productive. I like its simplicity in comparison to Scrivener, which usually takes some time getting used to.

●      You can choose from a variety of plot templates. All you need to do to pick your best template is to click ‘File’>’New from Template,’ and you’re free to choose templates by type. Of course, this can be a bit overwhelming unless you’re familiar with all of the types and their best-intended purposes.

This would be too broad of a topic for this review, so I’ll recommend doing research on your story to discover the best plot form to follow.

●      Of course, if you don’t wish to use a template, Plottr allows you to work without it. Plottr allows you to come up with your own plots and subplots and lay them out across different chapters as you wish. This gives you a cohesive, comprehensive view of your plots.

Of course, the quality and consistency of these plots are all yours to monitor. Plottr, much like any other software, won’t monitor or tell you if there are plot holes or inconsistencies.

This software only provides a simple panel to write down, review, and analyze plots so you can create a good book outline.

●      For this intended purpose, Plottr allows you to add different colours to plots, which helps distinguish them.

●      It allows laying out characters and cards that serve to add notes and also mapping out different titles and subtitles. This can all help create a comprehensive map of characters and events so you can keep track of stories for their consistency.

●      Plottr’s series tab allows you to map out the main plot of the book series, its title, and premise. You can also add a book cover if it helps with writing. Once you’re done outlining and plotting, you can export your work, which is great if you prefer working in MS Word or Google Docs.

●      Plottr also assists in creating characters. The software’s ‘Characters’ tab allows you to add character names and all the relevant details, like personal traits, strengths and character flaws, roles and powers, and all other details that help place a character in a story.

You can make your notes either in short lines or paragraphs, whatever works best for you. Plottr features character templates that cover birth dates, bio and personal background, personality type, motivations, cognitive distortions, and their enneagram type.

●      Plottr also helps create different worlds for your story, but not in the extensive detail it uses to map out characters. To link different plots, characters, and worlds, you can use tags.

●      When it comes to the plot overview, Plottr does a great job with overviewing vertical and horizontal plot lines, looking at a whole plot from a specific viewpoint, and filtering tabs and characters so you keep track of your writing.

Plottr helps you track which character not only participates but is also familiar with each event and plotline, and this can be greatly useful to avoid plot holes and inconsistencies.

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What Is Plottr’s Price Range?

Plottr’s payment plan is great value as it allows you to make different purchases according to your needs. The lowest price option is $39 per year (or $139 lifetime) for 1 device only (Desktop or Mobile).

Installing the software on three devices will cost $49 ($149 lifetime)

A $99 per year Pro package ($299 lifetime) gives you access to the cloud version on unlimited devices, along regular updates.

Plottr Pros and Cons


●      Simple and easy to use

●      Great for creating well-rounded characters

●      Gives a comprehensive plot overview

●      Software installation comes with a 30-day free trial, meaning you have the opportunity to completely test out the software before you make a purchase.

I like this feature right off the bat, because it means there’s no way of ending up with a useless year-long subscription if you don’t find the software particularly useful.


●      One of the major downsides of Plottr is that it won’t let you write your story directly into the software. Instead, you’ll have to use other software for writing and then use materials from Plottr to guide your process.

●      Plottr does tend to glitch, and you might have to restart it. However, it will save your progress.

The Verdict

Now that you know how you can benefit from Plottr, it’s up to you to decide whether to commit.

My final verdict is that Plottr is great for seasoned fiction authors, but not so much for non-fiction writers or beginner fiction writers. If you work with Plottr as a fresh writer, you’ll really need to learn a lot about fiction outlining and plotting to get the most out of the software.

Fiction writers who create consistently or work on multiple book ideas will benefit from Plottr to keep track of universes, timelines, characters, and plots, and I believe it’s a value-add to keep the overall consistency in your writing.

The price is well justified with this software, and I think the pricing is really good value for such a useful tool for easier writing and better organisation.

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Jerry Holliday